Bespoke Databases

Pre-written (or off-the-shelf) software has a role to play in many organizations, but to harness the true power of a computer, there is no substitute for software that has been specifically written for you and your business.

Of course the cost of bespoke software is greater than pre-written, but our aim is to make the software tailored to the particular needs of your company, and therefore the initial outlay should be recouped by the extra efficiency that software written specifically for you should bring.

We can either begin with a completely blank database, or if appropriate we can use part or all of one of our pre-written packages, and expand it or amend it to meet your exact specifications.

The key to the success of any database lies in its design. By carefully listening to the needs of our clients, we write databases for you, and not us!

As crucial as the design stage is, if learning to use the database is difficult, and its use is not intuitive, it simply cannot help as efficiently it should. Lost time means lost money, so our implementation stage is carefully crafted to follow consistent procedures between sections of the database. This makes familiarisation much easier and faster, which in our experience enables users to learn how to use the database more quickly and easily.

If you have already purchased software from us, but having used it you realise that it doesn't do exactly what your organization requires, please contact us for a quotation on personalizing it for you.

Alternatively, if you have a database from another source, we will be happy to assist you to export your existing data (if the software provides this facility), and import it into one of our databases.

Please note that currently, all our databases are written in Microsoft Access 2003. They can be converted to run in Access 2000 (for which we make no charge), and they should all run in Access 2007. YOU MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE THREE VERSIONS OF MICROSOFT ACCESS INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER IN ORDER FOR YOU TO RUN OUR DATABASES.

“A well-written database should save you time running your business and performing your administration tasks, and time is money”

Page last updated: 02/06/2015