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Welcome to our website!

Running a business in today's competitive market requires a mixture of skills, none more so than information technology.

It's not just enough to have a website that offers a window to your business from anywhere in the world, it has to be a website that attracts potential customers and gives them the information they need in a clear and concise way.

Of course, attracting customers is key, but without the tools to run your business, there is a risk of it becoming overrun with the burden of administration.

At Swift Software Solutions, we can offer you a solution to these problems, by offering the following services:

“A crucial part of a successful business is having the right information available to the people who need it in the right format at exactly the right time”

Web site

We offer website design, from as little as a single page (a description of your business with a contact section) up to multi-pages, a secure online shop and a database link. We can work to your design, and you can provide the graphics, or you can leave it all to us to design and supply everything that's required. If you don't have a domain name, we can arrange that too (subject to your chosen name being available). This will give you a website address, and e-mail facilities. E-mail campaigns are no problem. We can also add blogging (although we can't promise to provide the time you need to actually write it!), and links to all the main social networking sites. Please refer to our Website pages for more information.


A well-written database is the heart of any organization, and so it must be designed around you and your business. That's why we first learn how your business currently runs, and what requirements you may have for getting the data out in the way you want it presented, and who within your organization needs to have access to the information. Only then will we begin the design phase. From our perspective, it's crucial that once your database is implemented it should save you time and be easy to use. Training can be given if required, but we strive to provide you with intuitive screens that become familiar to you surprisingly quickly. Please refer to our Database pages for more information.

Software Integration

If required, a database can can be linked to existing third-party programs that you may already use. Utilising the Microsoft Office suite of programs we can, for example, provide you with the ability to analyse data in Excel, produce reports in Word, and produce mailshots for clients, customers or suppliers.
If you regularly carry out a repetitive task on your computer system, such as renaming a batch of files, performing calculation conversions, or counting how many days there are between two dates, we may be able to write a utility program that will perform the job in a fraction of the time and reduce the possibility of errors. Please refer to our Utility Programs page for more information.

For the cost of a phone call, or a few minutes of your time completing the enquiry form on this website, your initial enquiry could be very favourable for your business.

If you want a database, website, or bespoke utility program that has been crafted by someone who cares, and who makes the effort with attention to detail, choose one written by Swift Software Solutions!

Page last updated: 02/06/2015